Reid Tatsuguchi

Reid Tatsuguchi, CPA

Reid Tatsuguchi is a CPA, licensed to practice in the State of Hawaii since July 31, 1998. After working for several CPA firms in Honolulu, Reid founded Tatsuguchi CPA LLC, which he has operated for more than a decade.

The company initially began as R.G. Tatsuguchi & Associates LLC, which was later named Tatsuguchi CPA LLC. The company welcomed its first clients in October 2005.

Reid follows in the footsteps of his father, who also operated an accounting practice in Honolulu. Reid began preparing tax returns when he was 18 years old, working for his father’s accounting practice.

He initially focused on serving Japan-based businesses and individuals with operations in Hawaii. This later expanded to multi-state businesses and estate and gift tax returns. Currently, Reid focuses on serving small business owners who require accounting and payroll services as well as tax planning assistance.

“Every client’s needs are different and I enjoy taking the time to understand their unique business operations, so that I can provide sound advice to help them make informed decisions,” Reid said. “It’s a great feeling to know that I’m helping to contribute to their success.”

Karen Remigio, CPA

Karen Remigio began practicing as CPA in
public accounting in Hawaii in the mid-1970s.
She chose to continue her professional career in public accounting with an emphasis on providing accounting and tax services for small businesses and individuals. In July 1988, she formed Lum & Hiromoto, CPAs, Inc. with her business partner, Lynn Hiromoto. Lum & Hiromoto, CPAs, Inc. was later renamed to RH Associates, CPAs, Inc.

Karen believes that providing accounting and tax services must be done in conjunction with developing and maintaining strong, trusting relationships with clients, staff and other professionals. She strives to help clients have a solid understanding of what is happening in their businesses or their personal financial situations and wants her clients to view her as their advocate, not adversary, looking out for their best interests.

“My role is to keep my clients in compliance, while at the same time, guide them through successful and beneficial business and tax options. My clients have been a source of joy for me. The many years of working in public accounting have provided me with a myriad of positive opportunities, contacts, knowledge, friendships and overall personal abundance.”

Lynn Hiromoto, CPA

Lynn Hiromoto graduated from the University of Hawaii at the end of 1973 and began her career in public accounting with a small CPA firm, obtaining her CPA designation in 1977.

For the past forty years, she has been associated with Karen Remigio, first as a co-worker in a local CPA firm, through the formation and operation of Lum & Hiromoto, Certified Public Accountants, Inc. and RH Associates, CPAs, Inc. as principals.

Lynn emphasizes gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s business operations as well as their personal situation to provide a cohesive approach to assisting them with accounting and tax needs and decisions.

“We value our clients and strive to be accessible to them,” Lynn said. “I am especially proud of our long-term relationships with our clients and their families and with our long-time staff.”