Committed to Empowering Every Client

Tatsuguchi CPA does much more than crunch numbers and prepare tax returns. We provide valuable insights and information that enable individuals and companies to make important decisions about their lives and their businesses.

Our clients represent a wide variety of industries, including medical and dental services, contracting, real estate and food service. We also serve individual, fiduciary and partnership tax clients.

Our goal is to educate clients about their tax situation and inform them about what’s on their horizon. Our philosophy is simple: the more informed clients are, the better they can make financial decisions that positions them well for the future.

We Treat Your Business As If It Were Our Own

We take it upon ourselves to have an in-depth understanding of your financial position. This entails much more than knowing how much money you made or didn’t make. We look at your business from all angles to help you understand the big picture.

We’ll help you answer hard, probing questions: What is your biggest expense? Which expenses increased and by how much? And why did your income increase from the previous year? The more information we have, the better we can assess your business and your life to plan for the future.