To all of our clients and friends,

Due to the continuing coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, our office is closed to all non-employees for the foreseeable future. This closure is meant to protect our employees well-being so they may continue to meet your payroll, accounting and tax needs.

Clients dropping off and or picking up documents, will have to stay at the front door. All non-employees will not be allowed into the office. We ask that you please call us prior to arrival and we will do our best to accommodate your visit.

As you probably know, the Treasury Department and IRS have extended the federal income tax filing due date to July 15, 2020. The state of Hawaii has extended the state income tax filing due date to July 20, 2020. For more information on the new due dates, please visit our IRS COVID-19 Updates page.

We want you to know that we will continue to work on your tax returns and we will try to finish them as early as we are able to. For those clients who owe, we will let you know how much you own as soon as we can so that you can plan for it. If a refund is expected, we will work on those as quickly as we can as well.

Copies of completed client tax returns will be mailed or sent electronically through secure transfer. If you wish to pick up your return, we will be calling everyone beforehand to let you know when your return is complete. You can let us know at that time, if you would prefer to pick up your return and we will make arrangements to meet you downstairs.

We greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for allowing us to work with you during this challenging time. Please take care, be safe and stay healthy.